[DailyNK Cartoon]: From Russia with Logs

News note: DailyNK recently reported North Korea will dispatch 10,000 laborers to Russia once circumstances permit. In other news, a Russian court upheld Alexei Navalny’s prison camp sentence. The outspoken opposition politician was detained immediately upon his return to Moscow after recovering from a near-fatal poisoning that he accuses the Kremlin of masterminding. In response to news that Navalny faces nearly three years behind bars, thousands of protestors have gathered across the country to decry the sentencing – and the threat to freedom it represents – despite crackdowns by Russian security forces.

english version: From russia with logs

korean version: 러시아 북한 벌목공들과의 색다른(?) 경험

© 2021. Gregory Pence, SOUNDSTAGE COMICS

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