Rodong Roundup #2

Gift-giving, pottery fails, and cop-outs. A collection of DailyNK cartoons from the past month, including Korean translations.

english version: “Childproofing”

News Note: South Korean president Moon Jae-in reaffirms his commitment to pursuing peace with North Korea despite scathing criticism from Kim Jong Un’s recently-demoted sister, Kim Yo Jong. Time will tell how the incoming Biden administration responds to the Moon government’s conciliatory gestures, which include marginalizing and intimidating domestic North Korean Human Rights organizations. (Published 12.21.20)

korean version: “김정은· 여정 아동 보호?”

english version: “Petty potters”

News Note: North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un exhibits new ballistic missiles at a military parade as U.S. President Donald Trump’s MAGA movement unravels at Capitol Hill.  (Published 1.18.21)

english version: “gimjang cop-out”

News note: Taking place in November, Gimjang (김장) “has long been an important family ritual for Koreans to prepare for the long and harsh winter.

Women in families gather to make kimchi based on recipes passed down from mothers to daughters and daughters-in-law through generations. It is one of the biggest family events after Chuseok and Lunar New Year’s Day, strengthening family ties and tradition.”

Slogans taken from official North Korean propaganda. (Published 11.30.20)

Korean version: “백두혁명 정신 무장…정작 김장은 포기?”

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